Big Woolloomooloo 7am (2015)

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John Webb: Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015)

Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015)
2.25 x 1.7m

Image details:

Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015) Detail 1

Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015) Detail 2

Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015) Detail 3

Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015)
(Detail 1) 
Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015)
(Detail 2) 
Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015)
(Detail 3) 

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This work:

This is a fascinating part of Sydney harbour. There is so much to see in a very small area.

If one takes a short walk from the art gallery one can see the harbour itself washing round the fingers of land that jut out: the naval base, the finger wharves of Woolloomooloo, the botanic gardens, Boy Charlton pool,
the press of urbanity coming down to meet the sandy coves and inlets. Further out is Fort Denison with the constant water traffic moving up and down. 

In Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015) I have combined many of these elements, lit by the dark sparkle of the early morning light. This is a work celebrating the joy of observation in and from this beautiful spot.

Australian context:

From Wikipedia:

"Woolloomooloo  is a harbourside, inner-city eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Woolloomooloo is 1.5 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Sydney. It is in a low-lying, former docklands area at the head of Woolloomooloo Bay, on Sydney Harbour. ...

Long a poorer working-class district of Sydney, it has changed only recently with gentrification of the inner city areas of Sydney. The redevelopment of the waterfront, particularly the construction of the housing development on the Finger Wharf, has caused major change. Areas of public housing (Housing NSW aka "Housing Commission") still exist in the suburb."

An area of constant change, recent discussions preview even more yuppification for this area, particularly related to the naval fleet base at Garden Island.

The Andrew (Boy) Charlton pool (ABC pool) is an outdoor, treated seawater pool with fabulous views across the harbour. It also appears in the triptychs Boy (2015) and Woolloomooloo (2015).

The Fort Denison Light is accessible by boat and is open to the public.


Naval ships
 Wharf at Woolloomoloo
Photo: Neal Jennings
Naval boats 
ImageLucy Kitsune Mj 

Fort Denison Light

Boy Charlton pool

Fort Denison Light
Image: Andy Mitchell

 Boy Charlton pool
Photo: Dushan Hanuska
Woolloomoloo Bay 1855 (watercolour)
 Woolloomoloo Bay 1855 (watercolour)
Photo: National Library of Australia