Heads in a landscape  (2015)

The vivid and populous nightscapes of the outback (largely invisible to city dwellers) are more than a backdrop to these Heads in a landscape; rather this triptych speaks to the very different world view ('headscape') of this most ancient Australian culture

Traditional Aboriginal culture effortlessly fuses areas of understanding which Europeans 'naturally' keep separate: ecology, cosmology, theology, social morality, art, comedy, tragedy – the observed and the richly imagined fused into a seamless whole.
Inga Clendinnen, Boyer Lecture 4 (1999)

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John Webb: Heads in a landscape (2015) Left panel

John Webb: Heads in a landscape (2015) Centre panel

John Webb: Heads in a landscape (2015) Right panel

 Left panel Centre panel  Right panel 
Heads in a landscape (2015)
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All works in the Triptych series are gouache / mixed media. Each triptych is a unique work

The dimensions of each image in this triptych are 12cm x 16cm (unframed) and  23cm x 28cm (framed)Although they are shown below closely juxtaposed, each is in a separate frame and so they may be hung with space between the images. 

The triptychs may be purchased online for $AU 1,000. The purchase price includes all three images in the triptych and the frames (if requested).
John Webb: Heads in a landscape (2015) framed triptych