Echuca (2015)

This iconic rivertown of the Murray Darling basin, Echuca, has frequently figured in John Webb's work. As in this triptych, Webb often contrasts its curvaceous riverbanks with the linearity of bridges, and the solidity of geological structures in the (relatively) nearby Mungo National Park. 

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John Webb: Echuca (2015) Left panel

John Webb: Echuca (2015) Centre panel

John Webb: Echuca (2015) Right panel
 Left panel Centre panel  Right panel 
Echuca (2015)
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All works in the Triptych series are gouache / mixed media. Each triptych is a unique work

The dimensions of each image in this triptych are 12cm x 16cm (unframed) and  23cm x 28cm (framed)Although they are shown below closely juxtaposed, each is in a separate frame and so they may be hung with space between the images.

The triptychs may be purchased online for $AU 1,000. The purchase price includes all three images in the triptych and the frames (if requested). 

John Webb: Echuca (2015) framed triptych