Coming of the Dutch #3 (2015)

Although it has been suggested that the earliest Europeans to reach Australia were the Portuguese, the most significant exploration of Australia in the 17th century was by the Dutch. The first documented encounter was that of Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in 1606, while Dirk van Hartog was in the second voyage, where he became the first European to leave behind evidence of his visit (the Hartog plate). Further Dutch voyages (including Abel Tasman's) ensued in the 164 years before Captain James Cook explored the east coast.

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Coming of the Dutch #3 (2015) Left panel

Coming of the Dutch #3 (2015) Centre panel

Coming of the Dutch #3 (2015) Right panel

 Left panel Centre panel  Right panel 
Coming of the Dutch #3 (2015)
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All works in the Triptych series are gouache / mixed media. Each triptych is a unique work

The dimensions of each image in this triptych are 15cm x 21cm (unframed) and  23cm x 33cm (framed)Although they are shown below closely juxtaposed, each is in a separate frame and so they may be hung with space between the images.

The triptychs may be purchased online for $AU 1,000. The purchase price includes all three images in the triptych and the frames (if requested). 

John Webb: Coming of the Dutch (2015) framed