The Australia Series: The Dioramas

John Webb diorama: Dereliction (2014)

John Webb Diorama: Red Windmill (2014)

John Webb Diorama: Site (2014)


  Width     Depth Height  (mm)

Dereliction (2014) 310 290 360
Echuca (2014) 380 490 230
Red Windwill (2014) 390 500 240
Waterfall (2014) 360 360 290
Site (2014) 300 330 200
Yellow Land (2014) 630 680 300

John Webb: Australian Landscape (Private Collection)


"The dioramas grew out of a very strong need to take some of my painted imagery and try it in three dimensions .I wanted to see if this imagery could be changed into a form that breathed new life into the rather static two dimensional form of traditional art works.

The dioramas are made from scavenged materials. I'm a great plunderer of builder's skips, commercial bins, etc. All the works are a combination of cardboard, polystyrene, wood, and tree twigs. This material is cut, sanded and painted, then glued together.

The dioramas explore themes that have also been explored in the paintings of the Australian series.

Each one is a little world - exposed, but contained, under a perspex canopy."

John Webb Diorama: Echuca (2014)


John Webb Diorama: Waterfall (2014)

John Webb Diorama: Yellow Land (2014)

Australian landscape (2014)
Dimensions: 150mm x 145mm x 140mm
Private Collection, Argentina

Note: All dioramas are protected by a perspex cover