The Australia Series: The Large works
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Australian Gothic (2017)

Australian Gothic (2017)
88cm x 61cm 
Australian Pastorale (2017)
Born to shop (2017)

 Australian Pastorale (2017)
   2.5 x 2.0m 

Born to Shop (2017)
 2.5 x 2.0m 
Songlines for a Sunburnt Country #1
Sonlines for a Sunburnt Country #2
Songlines for a Sunburnt Country #1 (2017)
1.22 x 1.22m 
Songlines for a Sunburnt Country #2 (2017)
 1.22 x 1.22m 

Rivertown with Approaching Dust-storm (2016)

Rivertown with Approaching Dust-storm (2016)
2.1 x 1.2m 

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John Webb: Big Woolloomoloo 7am (2015)

John Webb: Camping by the Murray (2015)
Big Woolloomooloo 7am (2015)
2.25 x 1.7m
Camping by the Murray (2015)
1.7 x 1.5m ** 

Smaller asymmetric works can be seen here

John Webb: Crossing the Saltpan (2014)
Crossing the Saltpan (2014)
3.0 x 1.5m

John Webb: Near Mildura (2014)

Near Mildura
2.0 x 1.5m 

Winner of the Trustee's Watercolour Prize in the 2014 Wynne Prize competition (July 2014) 

John Webb: Near Wagga (2013)
John Webb: What is This Thing Called Love (2013)
Near Wagga (2013)
1.96 x 1.49m

What is This Thing Called Love (2013)
2.0 x 1.5m  
John Webb: Swaggie (2013)

John Webb: Open Day (at Echuca)  (2012)
Swaggie (2013) 
.98 x 1.5m 

Open Day (2012) 
1.51 x 1.0m  

John Webb: The Road to Gundagai (2012)
John Webb: Captain Cook and Mr Banks go ashore (2011)
The Road to Gundagai (2012)
1.34 x 1.09m
Captain Cook and Mr Banks go ashore (2011)
The Captain Cook Trio
 1.04 x 1.5m 


John Webb: Naming Cook's Passage (2011)
John Webb: Aground (2011)
Naming Cook's Passage (2011)
The Captain Cook Trio
1.44 x 1.06m 

Aground (2011)
The Captain Cook Trio
1.08 x 1.3m 
John Webb: Joadja (2010)
John Webb: Rush (2010)
 Joadja (2010)
1.57 x 1.05m

 Rush (2010)
1.56 x 1.05m

John Webb: Forty per cent (2010)
John Webb: Darling Murray (2009)
Forty per cent (2010)
1.56 x 1.18m 

 Darling Murray (2009)
1.85 x 1.56m
John Webb: Leaving Echuca (2009)

John Webb: Ghan (2008)
 Leaving Echuca (2009)
1.56 x 1.09m

 Ghan (2008)
1.56 x 1.0m
John Webb: There is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean (2007)

John Webb: Big Red Hinterland (2007)
 There is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean (2007)
1.0 x 1.5m
 Big Red Hinterland (2007)
1.42 x 1.04m

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NOTES about each Large Work are located below each artwork on the individual portfolio page (click image above).

All works in this series are gouache / mixed media collages.

** This work has an irregular perimeter.