John Webb: Navigation

with Navigation (1992)
(Collection: ANZ Bank, NZ)

The Artist

            ... before Australia

The New Zealand years:

John (Melvin) Webb was born in New Zealand, coming to Australia in 2002.

     "My early influences included:

  • School of Paris: Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Georges Seurat (I painted a series as homage to his ' A Sunday Afternoon');
  • Egon Schiele, Graham Sutherland, Pieter Breugel the elder;
  • The Cobra group; and American painting of the 50s;
  • Pre-historic cave painting of Europe and Australia;
  • New Zealand artists: especially Ralph Hotere and Gordon Walters."
Webb also has architectural training, and has been inspired by modernist buildings all over the world. But much of his early inspiration came from the Pacifica culture of Auckland, including the stick-chart navigation methods of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific. 

The American season:

NWS 2001 Cover NWS 2001: Potomac Valley Award

Potomac Valley Watercolorists Award
National Watercolor Society 2001

NWS 2000 Cover  NWS 2000:

HK Holbein Merchandise Award
National Watercolor Society 2000

SDWS 2000  SDWS 2000 Ehrenfeld Sponsor Award

Ehrenfeld Sponsor Award
San Diego Watercolor Society 2000

SDWS Cover 1998  SDWS Silver Brush Award

Silver Brush Award
San Diego Watercolor Society 1998

        American Artist: Watercolor Magazine (1995 Fall edition):

Watercolour Magazine p1

Watercolor Mazazine p2

Watercolor Magazine p4

Watercolor Magazine p2

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