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Web Design and other Credits

John Webb thanks:

Logo/banner design:

 La Fleur Productions  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Website design:
Including: copywriting, editing,
image sourcing and research

 La Fleur Productions
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Website testers:  You know who you are.


Photos not otherwise credited are (c) John Webb
All other photos credited individually

All photos either have creative commons licenses permitting commercial use, or have been used with the kind permission of the copyright owner.
If you dispute the copyright of any photo in use on this website, please
email us and we will investigate immediately.
Icon Design: Icon Licence
 La Fleur Productions
 WebbArtWorks banner
 (c) John Webb
 Emey87  left & right and up & down arrows  Free use permitted
 Nathan at
 Australia map red icon
 Public domain
 Hopstarter Softscraps icon set
 email icon
 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 *
 Pinterest  official site  Pinterest official icon
 Provided for website use
 Link: Icons and colours in use